Why Do People Call A Locksmith

Top 5 Reasons Why People Call A Locksmith:

1. General Security measures:
Rising crime levels in Oakland and fear of intruders lead many to contact Multi Locksmith for increasing home, office and car security. We are able to suggest a range of options within budget and to suit your particular security needs and allay your concerns.

2. Lock & Key emergency:
As Multi Locksmith is a 24 hour, 7 day a week emergency locksmith company, people often call for emergencies such as break-ins, security breaches, lost keys, broken keys and lockout solutions. The calls are varied and split between requests for house calls, office and commercial
call-outs and roadside located emergencies in the car.

3. To install garage doors
Many customers are realizing that thieves are often using garage doors as a means of entry into the property. Why is it that we are happy to invest considerable sums of money on front door locks, but forget garage and rear-doors? Smart customers know to call an experienced locksmith to consult on some secure and good value garage doors to increase your ENTIRE property’s security profile.

4. To Evaluate Windows:
The vast majority of houses and apartments are fitted with crescent locks. These are very basic locks that are built into the frames of the windows. These are, unsurprisingly, the easiest windows to break into. They can be easily compromised and leave your home open to intruders.
Consult with an experienced locksmith to install lock keys or opine on other smart security solutions to beat the criminals.

5. To increase value of property:
To anyone worried that spending money on a security specialist or locksmith will not be worthwhile, listen to this: any money you invest on your property’s security will increase its value as well as your peace of mind and the safety of your family, business and employees.
Call Multi Locksmith today for our team of security specialists to assess your current security arrangement at look at ways to maximize it and add to your property’s value with high-security locks, transponder key programming, safes, vaults, alarm systems and CCTV to name a few.

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