What you need to know about locksmith services

Before you pick up the phone to request the assistance of a locksmith company, do you know the answer to these questions? Know who you are trusting with your security and safeguard your experience by finding out this information:

What sort of customer feedback have they received?

Many locksmith companies have websites that feature customer feedback or client testimonials. Read through these to get an idea of other customers’ experiences before you entrust the company with your emergency. Are you in need of a fast and reliable service? Check for this sort of feedback in their client testimonials. What about price – do you need a transparent pricing policy? See what type of cost expectations other clients had and whether those were met.

Do they claim to be 24-hour operational?

If they do, they simplest way to test this out is to call the number and see if you get through to an answering machine. If you do, ding them from your shortlist. A reputable and real 24 hour locksmith company will be available with 24 hour support and a customer service line that is ALWAYS manned (or woman-ed!) by real representatives.

Are they bonded and insured?

Only work with locksmith companies that are fully bonded and insured. If they claim this on their website, challenge them. Bonded by whom and to what value? Is your insurance general liability or fully comprehensive? Does it cover accidents, theft or faulty workmanship? If they can’t answer satisfactorily, you don’t work with them. Simple as that!

Are they certified?

You want to work with locksmiths who know what they are doing and have the credentials to back this up. Ask for proof and information about the locksmiths’ training and education that qualifies them to do the job.

Are they supported by my insurance company?

If you need to make an insurance claim, you will want to work with locksmiths that are endorsed by your insurer. Take a look on their website or call them for further info.

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