Ignition Key Won’t Turn

The ignition key operates the ignition switch of your engine. You will not be going anyplace if the ignition key isn’t turning or functioning properly. There is nothing worse than turning an ignition key, while your car isn’t starting. One solution would be to try turning the steering wheel to the left or to the right, while also trying to turn the key at the same time. You could be having a lucky day, and In most instances, this will allow the key to turn. You don’t want to apply too much force or power, when you’re attempting to slowly turn your steering wheel. You could actually wind up causing even more damage to the ignition. At this point, you should release the parking brake and put the transmission into neutral. Ease up on the foot pedal just enough to rock the car slightly. Turn the steering wheel once again. The ignition key should be working.

steering wheel Problems

There are situations where you might not have such luck with your steering wheel. It seems that no matter how hard you turn the wheel, the ignition, is simply not cooperating. The last thing you want to do is panic or apply force to the wheel. The chances are that your ignition key is defective, and needs to be replaced. Here are a few reasons why your ignition key won’t turn properly:

Key Needs Replacement – If you’re having difficulty with your ignition key turning the ignition, you might need to have the key replaced altogether. It could be that the key developed a defect on its face, which is preventing it from turning properly. A reliable locksmith will be able to provide you with an ignition key replacement on the spot.
Steering Lock – There is a chance that the steering wheel is locked. If this is the case, the ignition key will not turn. Try moving the steering wheel to the left and to the right, while turning the ignition key. This will unlock the steering wheel and turn the key at the same time.
Brake Lights – If the brake lights are out, the ignition won’t turn. You can try pulling up the emergency brake and then turn the key. Make sure to head to a local auto repair shop, and have your brake lights repaired. It is not only important to have functioning brake lights, it’s also the law!

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