Remote Keyless Entry

What Is Remote Keyless Entry?

Keyless entry is a standard feature in all cars with alarms installed. Keyless entry is a lock that uses an electronic remote control as a key that is operated by a small device. Remote keyless entry can be used from several yards away from the vehicle. The good thing about RKS is that you no longer have to manually push down the locks on the car to close it, the remote does that for you in a simple click. The functions of an RKS is contained on a key fob or built into the ignition key handle itself. All newer model vehicles come fully equipped with a remote keyless entry system. Remote keyless entry systems certainly come in handy when you have your hands full of groceries or shopping items. All it takes is a quick click, and the doors are unlocked.

How Do They Work?

Keyless entry systems utilize a lot of complex technology. The transmitter’s controller chip has a memory location that holds the current 40-bit code. When you push a button on your key fob, it sends that 40-bit code along with a function code that tells the car what you want to do, like opening or closing the doors. The receiver’s controller chip also has a memory location that holds the current 40-bit code. If the receiver gets the 40-bit code it expects, then it performs the requested function. As you can see, there is a great deal of technology used to create a simple function, like opening a trunk.

The beeping sound you hear when you unlock your car doors is a direct result of the transmitter’s control chip. All remote keyless car entry devices function as miniature radio transmitters. When you press a button, the transmitter switches on and transmits a radio code to your car. This code prevents would-be thieves from going on a joyride. Professional locksmiths are well-versed in programming transponder chip keys, which also utilize complex technology. They’ll be able to fix any technical issue with the transponder key, and have you on your way in no time!

Why Choose Us?

Remote keyless entry is the most preferred choice for automakers today, since it uses the safest technology to make our lives easier. At Multi Locksmith, we work with the best technicians to provide you with the highest quality services. We’ll be able to program any chip key, safely pop open any lock, and provide you with 24/7 emergency auto solutions. Give us a call today, and let us safely get you back to your destination.

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