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Multi Locksmith and associates offer an excellent personal service for realtors. With this special, round-the-clock service foreclosure properties can be published and controlled almost without leaving the office.

Locksmith Services For Realtors

Take a look at the steps of the simple process:

  • The real estate agent has to give all the information needed in an application form and send it to us via e-mail or fax
  • Upon the property’s data we dispatch a trained technician ASAP
  • The technician will open the door and change the key combination, leave the new keys in a lock-box and then he will take photos of the property
  • The photos and the combination of the lock-box will be sent to the realtor via e-mail

This smart service was ushered by Multi Locksmith and its associates to enable realtors to sell foreclosure properties quickly and easy.

Multi Locksmith is licensed, insured, and specialized in commercial accounts