Ignition Key Replacement

Read our guide to understanding the components of your car better, starting with the ignition key and ignition key replacement procedure. Don’t be blinded by science when a mechanic or automotive technician uses trade terms – know what they mean to help you figure out if you are receiving good advice!

What is the ignition key and what is its function?

The ignition key operates the ignition switch of the automotive engine on your car. Put simply, you need it in order to start the car and move off. The ignition key activates the ignition of the car, which turns on the engine’s combustion system and powers up the car.

What can go wrong with the ignition and ignition key?

Various issues can occur:

  • The ignition key breaks
  • The ignition key malfunctions
  • The ignition key gets lost or stolen
  • The ignition itself can malfunction – the lock cylinder can fail
  • The ignition switch can wear out from overuse
  • An attempted theft can damage the ignition and need replacement
  • For security reasons following an attempted theft, it can be advised to replace both the ignition and the ignition key.For more info about our Locksmith services in Benicia click here

Ignition replacement – what is involved?

It is recommended that you do not attempt this yourself. Call a reputable car locksmith, such as Multi Locksmith, to undertake your ignition replacement.

A skilled car locksmith will have the necessary tools, which include a wrench, screwdriver and replacement ignition key assembly. He will also have the appropriate auto-electrical training to avoid some of the dangers and pitfalls of this procedure!

Disconnect the negative termination on the car battery to avoid electrocution Remove the steering wheel Disconnect all wiring, turn the signal and windscreen wiper switches Remove the ignition switch and replace with a new one

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