Become a Professional Locksmith

Becoming a locksmith has many advantages, which include working independently or for a company. No matter how far technology progresses, there will always be a need for locksmiths. Another excellent advantage to becoming a locksmith is that it is inexpensive to obtain certification and buy a good set of tools. The great thing about being a locksmith is that you are continually improving your knowledge as technology advances. You can also increase your rates as you feel necessary, as long as you have the right credentials and experience. The vast majority of locksmiths begin their journey as an apprentice to someone.

Our Certificates

Before any locksmith starts as an apprentice, they must first be enrolled in a course. The most renowned certification for locksmiths is ALOA (Associated Locksmiths Of America). Each state has their own ALOA branch, so it’s always best to check with your state. The majority of certified locksmiths complete the CRL course, which is a Certified Registered Locksmith. ALOA offers many options for continuing education, with many tradeshows that you can attend as well. The next level of certification is a CPL or Certified Professional Locksmith. You must first pass the CRL course to become a CPL. A CML or Certified Master Locksmith, is the highest level of certification that is offered through ALOA. A CML can typically charge more for their services.

Locksmiths should have excellent communication skills, since they deal with people on a regular basis. They should also possess strong attention to detail, which requires excellent vision. You will be working with complex machinery, so it certainly helps to have great vision and plenty of patience. In addition to the continuing education opportunities, locksmiths regularly attend tradeshows and conventions. They can meet up with fellow locksmiths at tradeshows to gain more knowledge of their craft. The opportunities are seemingly endless, and you can be your own boss. Locksmiths can also study technology, and work with large security corporations, where the pay is definitely higher. Locksmiths are usually on call 24/7, which is something else to take into consideration. You don’t have to be on call 24/7 if you work independently, since you set your own rules.

Why Choose Us?

At Best Bay Locksmith, we work with the most qualified technicians throughout the San Francisco area. We carefully screen each locksmith before they join our fast growing team. If you’re thinking about joining our team, please give us a call. We’ll be happy to speak to you, and give you our feedback as well. We work 24/7, and provide our customers with the highest quality services at all times. Give us a call today, and let us help you out!

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