High Security Locks

High security locks are no longer the territory of the rich, famous and paranoid. Unfortunately, with these tough economic times, many of us have fallen prey to break-ins and need now more than ever effective methods of secure our homes, families and workplaces from unwanted intruders.

In addition, the unfortunate and frightening trend of “lock bumping” means that locks once considered safe are now being exploited with illegal methods in order to gain entry into your property.

What can you do to equip yourself better

What can you do to equip yourself better? The answer is to have a consultation with a specialist in high security options. You have an impressive list of choices these days, with many brands offering ultra-high security locks for a wide range of budgets. Mul-T-Lock, Medeco, Kwikset and Schlange are especially popular brands with options to suit a multitude of locations – banks, offices, private residences, warehouses and stores.

The key point to consider is the purpose of your high security lock as a part of your overall security plan. Will you be using another deterrent method such as CCTV or bullet proof glassing? Do the locks need to do the whole job themselves? What about keyless methods? Are your premises residential or commercial? Each of these questions will lead you to a specific brand and model.

Windows and garages should not be left out of the equation. If your premises have a multi-entry and exit combination, you will want to consider options for each of these.

What about ease of entry for residents or staff? If your building is a commercial premises with a high entry turnover each day, you will want to think about ways to allow staff secure access and keep unauthorized personnel out.

Our trained high security consultants are waiting to assist you and will offer impartial expert advice based on your needs and budget.

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