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Multi Locksmith supplies all products and services on the following terms, no variation of these terms is effective unless in writing and signed by the Company.

Within these terms of condition and supply the following are defined as follows:

The Company: is defined as Multi Locksmith Ltd and its appointed Contractors. The parties to a particular contract shall be the customer.

Product: Any goods supplied to a customer by Multi Locksmith.

Services: Any service supplied by Multi Locksmith to a customer or at a customer’s request.

Acceptance: the customer’s execution of this agreement or the making of any order will be deemed to be an acceptance by the customer of these terms.

  • Supply and Delivery – The customer may place orders for products and services. Multi Locksmith has no obligation to deliver any product or service unless Multi Locksmith accepts the order.
  • Replacement/Substitution of Products – Multi Locksmith shall use reasonable endeavours to provide substitute product or service reasonably suitable for the customer’s requirements. The customer shall be free to accept or decline that offer.
  • Place of Delivery – Delivery shall take place when Multi Locksmith has agreed to install any locking mechanism on or in the customer’s premises.
  • Price – The price payable for products and services will be the price specified in any order, or agreement. Where no price is specified, Multi Locksmiths standard price for the product or service at the time of the order will apply.
  • Ownership – Multi Locksmith will retain legal and beneficial ownership of any and all products and other goods, which the products have been incorporated into until it receives payment, and any amount due to them.
  • Late Payment – If the customer does not pay any amount payable to Multi Locksmith by the due date for payment, the customer may be liable for any debt collection, interest and other associated costs due.
  • Customer’s Indemnity – The customer warrants that it has full authority to authorize Multi Locksmith to install any product installed by Multi Locksmith at the customer’s request. Such indemnity extends to reasonable legal costs incurred by Multi Locksmith arising out of any claim by the third party.

Limitation of Liability – Any liability of Multi Locksmith for the failure of a product or service shall be limited to the cost of repair or replacement of that liability or product, and in no event shall Multi Locksmith be liable for consequential losses.