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Weslock Lock Review

Weslock Lock Weslock is a fine lock company that has been serving American homeowners since the late 1930s. Originally founded in California, this company grew to be an incorporated lock manufacturer famously known for providing only the very best in … Read more


Arrow Lock There’s much more to being the leading locksmith in town than providing the quickest lock-picking services or even installing and repairing locks quickly. At Multi Locksmith we consider it our business to provide the best security service and … Read more

Kwikset Lock

Kwikset Locks and Your Security  Among locksmith experts, Kwikset locks have become synonymous with home security. Featuring a comprehensive range of door locks and hardware for doors, including, but not limited to, deadbolts, levers, knobs, and keyless entry locks, Kwikset … Read more

Schlage Lock

An Introduction to Schlage Locks  As a result of the fact that Schlage locks offer a level of security not found in other types of locks, they are the preferred choice for people who take the security of their home … Read more

Locksmith Or Handyman?

Handyman vs Professional Locksmith. Have you ever wanted to replace a lock in your home? Or even your vehicle? Chances are, at some point or another, you needed locks changed, rekeyed, or installed. Some people think they can do it … Read more

The Evolution of Locks

The Evolution of Locks So, you want to know about how locks evolved and came into being? Well,come closer and lend us your ears because the story is long, involved, and a closely guarded secret…. Here then is how modern … Read more

Radio Station Worth Listening

Radio Stations to Listen to While Waiting For a Locksmith

Listen to Radio While Waiting for a Locksmith It’s virtually impossible to predict when you might find yourself in a lockout situation. You can forget your keys at the office, at the supermarket checkout section or playing sports in the … Read more

Iphone Games

Fun iPhone Games to Kill Time

Playing Games While Waiting For Locksmith Service Locking yourself outside your vehicle is never a pleasant situation. Once you contact a trustworthy locksmith company, you have between 30-40 minutes of idle time. Waiting for a reliable technician to arrive can … Read more

Master ReKeying System

Benefits of Having a Master Rekeying System

Master Rekeying System Importance The purpose of having a master rekeying system is to make one lock work with two keys. Depending on your environment, you might only need a basic master rekeying system. Business owners may want to invest … Read more

Lock Picking

How to Pick a Lock

Multi Locksmith Experience And Service Here at Multi Locksmith, we are proud to have years of experience helping car owners, homeowners and business owners with their lock and key problems. Our experience and certification help our customers know they can … Read more

Key Locator

Key Locator

Key Locator What Is A Key Locator? There is nothing as aggravating as losing your car keys. A key locators are used to send a beeping sound to quickly find your car keys, and other objects that are easy to … Read more

Ignition Lock Is Stuck

Ignition Lock Is Stuck

Ignition Lock Is Stuck  Ignition Key will not turn. Locked? What To Do? Imagine putting your ignition key into the ignition, and turning it with no luck. The chances are that you will most likely need to have your ignition … Read more

Remote Keyless entry

Remote Keyless Entry

Remote Keyless Entry What Is Remote Keyless Entry? Keyless entry is a standard feature in all cars with alarms installed. Keyless entry is a lock that uses an electronic remote control as a key that is operated by a small … Read more

locksmith tools

Locksmith Tools

Locksmith Tools The Tools of the Trade Locksmiths are highly skilled and trained professionals that are responsible for helping us get back inside our home, office or vehicle. It takes years of experience to fully master the craft, as locksmiths … Read more

lost car keys

I Lost My Car Keys

I Lost My Car Keys My Car Keys are Lost, What Should I do? Losing your car keys can not only be a frustrating situation, it can also get quite dangerous if the keys wind up in the wrong hands. … Read more

Ignition Key Won’t Turn

What To Do When Your Ignition Key Won’t Turn

Ignition Key Won’t Turn The ignition key operates the ignition switch of your engine. You will not be going anyplace if the ignition key isn’t turning or functioning properly. There is nothing worse than turning an ignition key, while your … Read more

transponder key programming

Transponder Key Programming

Transponder Key Programming What Are Transponder Keys? Transponder keys are used to disarm a vehicle immobilizer when the car key is used to start the engine. Transponder keys contain a transponder chip, which is used to lock and unlock car … Read more

locksmith tools

Locksmith Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade Although the locksmith’s trade has evolved considerably since the first locks were invented 4,000 years ago, some aspects of the profession have never changed. Becoming a locksmith requires intensive training in the use of specialized tools … Read more

3d human with keys in hand

How To Become A Certified Locksmith

Become a Professional Locksmith Becoming a locksmith has many advantages, which include working independently or for a company. No matter how far technology progresses, there will always be a need for locksmiths. Another excellent advantage to becoming a locksmith is … Read more

change door locks

Changing the Locks On Your Doors

Changing the Locks On Your Doors It Always Pays to Be Safe If you’ve recently moved into a new home or had your home burglarized, you will certainly want to change the locks on your doors. Each few seconds, a … Read more

rekey locks

What You Should Know About Rekeying Services

Rekeying Are you sure—absolutely sure—that nobody has copies of your car keys? That nobody has copies of the keys to your new rental property? That an employee you just fired will not try to break into your business? If you … Read more

emergency locksmith services

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith There is nothing more important than keeping your family safe at night. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right security system. There are literally thousands of security system brands out there that it becomes … Read more

Locks protect people

Locks protect people

Locks protect people Things are just possessions. They might be expensive and they might be valuable, but they are nothing compares to the value of a person. Protecting your family and ensuring their safety is key to most people’s decisions … Read more

high security locks

High Security Locks

High Security Locks High security locks are no longer the territory of the rich, famous and paranoid. Unfortunately, with these tough economic times, many of us have fallen prey to break-ins and need now more than ever effective methods of … Read more

locksmith service

What to expect from a locksmith

What to expect from a locksmith The type of service you request should be the service you receive. That is a universal truth regarding your expectations and results received from a locksmith, or any other kind of trade service. There … Read more

locksmith services

What you need to know about locksmith services

What you need to know about locksmith services Before you pick up the phone to request the assistance of a locksmith company, do you know the answer to these questions? Know who you are trusting with your security and safeguard … Read more

top locksmith

One Locksmith is All You Need

One locksmith is all you need Think of a great, adaptable locksmith as the perfect provider of all of your security needs. One you have established a trusted, professional relationship with a locksmith who can service all of your commercial, … Read more

Call Multi locksmith

Why do people call a locksmith

Why Do People Call A Locksmith Top 5 Reasons Why People Call A Locksmith: 1. General Security measures: Rising crime levels in Oakland and fear of intruders lead many to contact Multi Locksmith for increasing home, office and car security. … Read more


Ignition Key & Ignition Key Replacement

Ignition Key Replacement Read our guide to understanding the components of your car better, starting with the ignition key and ignition key replacement procedure. Don’t be blinded by science when a mechanic or automotive technician uses trade terms – know … Read more

copy auto keys

What to look for when choosing a locksmith to copy auto keys for you

Choosing a locksmith to copy your auto keys. The fact is that not all car locksmiths are the same. It would be great if they all subscribed to the same codes and high standards of practice as we do at … Read more

Multi Locksmith

Why People Choose Multi Locksmith

Why People Choose Multi Locksmith Choose Multi Locksmith because of the experience and the service There are many locksmiths out there, but how do you know which one is right for you? If you’ve ever tried to find a locksmith … Read more

Ignition Key Cutting

How to Get an Ignition Key Cutting Done?

Ignition Key Cutting Ignition Key Replacement:things to Know If you have a lost key and in need of ignition key replacement you should call a locksmith company that also provides auto locksmith services. Performing ignition key cutting is not a … Read more

Your local locksmith service

Find a lock and key services provider if you are locked out, or need rekey services

Locked Out What Do You Do If You Get Locked Out? Multi Locksmith and associates can help you with rekey jobs, locked out situations, and offer you many more lock and key solutions. John is locked out of his house, … Read more

Locked Out of Car

What to do if you are locked out of car in Oakland

Multi Car Lockouts Services include locked out of car solutions Locking your keys in your car is one of the most frustrating things that can happen to you during your day and because of technological advances in automotive security it … Read more

home and office safe

Suggestions for your home and office safe

Safes Tips for Your Home and Office Safe Multi Locksmith and associates offer safe installation, surveillance camera systems and many more security lock & key devices… An office security safe is a great way to enhance the security of you … Read more

Security Camera

Which security camera system is right for me

Security Camera System Helpful tips on choosing the right security camera system for you When buying a security camera system you need to ask yourself what are your reasons and which areas of your property do you need it for. … Read more

Key Cutting

How do locksmiths make keys?

Key Cutting How the professionals in the business make keys Locksmithing is a profession requires a lot of skill and competence. It is not just about key making and key cutting, today locksmiths are offering far more than the usual. … Read more