Weslock Lock

Weslock is a fine lock company that has been serving American homeowners since the late 1930s. Originally founded in California, this company grew to be an incorporated lock manufacturer famously known for providing only the very best in security, safety, and style. What do those three words have to do with being a premiere lock provider? As far as most residential builders are concerned, Weslock products are one of the most popular products to use in creating aesthetically satisfying homes with the security that provides peace of mind. Weslock locks have been considered the best builder lock for many years.

Products from Weslock

As professional locksmiths, our team has encountered and worked with Weslock products for many years. These locks are made of what can easily be considered quality materials and are the only Grade II cylindrical door locks available for residential use. Made of all metal parts, they are easy enough to install into your home. They have concealed installation screws that add to both the aesthetic appeal and the security they provide. Additionally, dual spindles and removable rosettes, knobs, and levers make Weslocks popular products. And of course, Weslock products include more than your regular deadbolt with:

  • Entry handles
  • Door knobs
  • Levers
  • Hinges

Among the many Weslock products, the UL rated collection can really help you narrow down the options. The UL rated levers, knobs, and entry handles have been doubly tested and approved. UL approval is given only to products passing endurance and attack resistance tests, as well as being easy to use. The UL collection includes sophisticated designs and more practical designs, and all are easy enough to install.

Unique Features

Weslock products are fairly popular because homeowners can find the same quality throughout all the units available. All Weslock products have split-spindle latches, which means that the door handle on the inside and the one on the outside will operate independently from one another. This also facilitates what is known as easy action latches, meaning that the doors have what Weslock calls “trouble free operation”. All of the locks and latches exceed the ANSI Grade 2 residential rating, making Weslocks quality locks. This unity of quality does mean that the popularity of one door handle over another is based primarily upon the aesthetic or function one is going for.

If you find that a Weslock is right for your home security, call our team at Multi Locksmith and we’ll be happy to provide you with a quick and flawless installation!



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