An Introduction to Schlage Locks

 As a result of the fact that Schlage locks offer a level of security not found in other types of locks, they are the preferred choice for people who take the security of their home or business seriously. What makes these door locks, which have been manufactured in the United States since the 1920s, so special? Let’s talk about some of their special features.

 Schlage locks feature a tubular design that makes them extremely difficult to pick. Further, Schlage keys are oddly shaped, with bittings on several faces. Just as important, the locks are made of brass, which renders them impervious to tampering and kick-ins.

 The Schlage line of locks includes electronic locks for homes and businesses, featuring must-have security features such as keyless entry, auto-locking, and multiple user codes. The company provides another layer of necessary security by programing each lock with a different code, making sure that no two locks leave the factory with the same code. Each and every lock meets ANSI standards, as a result of which they last for a long time and can be repaired or rekeyed easily by a professional locksmith.

 Grade 2 locks, or residential locks, meet the same standards that are applied to Grade 1 commercial locks. Accordingly, a Schlage deadbolt is resistant to blows from, say, a hammer, just as the Grade 1 security lock is resistant to attacks with a screwdriver.

 Given all these security advantages, it is no surprise that Schlage locks are among the most popular locks on the market.

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