Locks protect people

Things are just possessions. They might be expensive and they might be valuable, but they are nothing compares to the value of a person. Protecting your family and ensuring their safety is key to most people’s decisions to upgrade their security system or upgrade their home locks.

We often learn this the hard way. No one is impervious to the trauma of a home break-in. Even one of our own senior locksmiths was the victim of a burglary last year. A seasoned professional with over 20 years in the locksmith industry, he was wise to take a measured perspective on the event, upsetting and traumatic as though it was.

He said:

“More than anything, I was so grateful that my wife and children were ok. It was very unsettling to know that, while I was out helping other folk with their security issues, someone had forced open the garage door and gained entry into our house. A few hundred dollars of possessions were stolen and we were angry and felt violated by this….but all I cared about, all that matter was that my family was safe.”

Unsurprisingly, after the break-in, our locksmith replaced his garage door locks with something three times more secure. There is a need to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to security as “the most secure locks” don’t remain that way for long. There is always some opportunist crook finding out weaknesses and ready to exploit design vulnerabilities. On the plus side, there is always a clever engineer devising an even better system of locks that surpasses the previous model. Indeed, our locksmith had previous installed “high security” garage locks. He acknowledges that was lucky the rest of his house was so secure that intruders were unable to gain entry elsewhere and do more harm. Perhaps those high quality locks around the rest of his house really did protect his family.

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