Changing the Locks On Your Doors

It Always Pays to Be Safe

If you’ve recently moved into a new home or had your home burglarized, you will certainly want to change the locks on your doors. Each few seconds, a home is burglarized, because of a faulty lock or having the key land in the wrong hands. It only takes a burglar a few minutes to pop a door lock. That’s why it’s so important to change the door locks in your home. New homeowners have a lot on their minds. Moving into a new home can be an exciting and frustrating experience, all rolled together. You might not even be aware on how many strangers have the keys to your place, until it’s too late. It could be that the previous owners made several copies, and passed them around to friends and relatives. Although they might be familiar with the previous owner, you have no idea who they are. This a valid reason to change your door locks.

Protect Your Home

There is nothing more terrifying than having your home robbed when you are not there. Burglars are aware of weak door locks or non-existent home security systems. It can take a professional thief less than 5 minutes to get inside your home. There are plenty of home security systems and products to choose from, but it all begins by having the right set of locks on your doors. Whether you’re a new homeowner or if you’ve been the victim of a burglary, you must replace the old door locks in your house. Lost keys are another problem that could potentially lead to theft. Burglars can quickly make copies of your keys, and easily access your home when you’re away. You should take extra precaution here, and let a professional locksmith company rekey your locks. It always pays to be safe!

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to providing you with the most secure residential locks and home security systems, Multi Locksmith, goes above and beyond the rest. We cover the entire city of Oakland, with an elite reputation. Whether you need professional rekeying services or a CCTV surveillance camera installed inside your home, we’ll be there for you. Our products are built to last. We carry all the top security system brands, and we offer the most competitive pricing in the market. There is nothing more important than keeping your family secure and well-protected at home. We know this because we have families of our own, and go to great lengths to keep them safe as well. Give us a call today, and let one of our expert technicians fully secure your home.

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