Kwikset Locks and Your Security

 Among locksmith experts, Kwikset locks have become synonymous with home security. Featuring a comprehensive range of door locks and hardware for doors, including, but not limited to, deadbolts, levers, knobs, and keyless entry locks, Kwikset is a popular choice among homeowners.

 The company manufactures its many locks according to what it calls Smart Security. One of the most popular products is the SmartKey, a one-of a kind re-keying technology that allows you to re-key your own locks without having to remove them from your door. Unlike other re-keying technology, the SmartKey features a bump guard and ANSI grading; further, it is resistant to drills and picks.

 The Home Connect system is the perfect option for homeowners with families, as it enables the lock on your front door to “talk” wirelessly to other devices in the house. For example, you can opt to receive a phone call or a text message the second your child returns home from school or every time someone opens and closes the door. Home Connect features a wide array of remote access and home management tools, allowing you to restrict access to your home . . . even to save on energy.

 Kwikset products include the state-of-the-art smartcode deadbolt, the smartcode deadbolt, the powerbolt and many more. Special security features include 1-touch locking, customizable access codes, and back-lit keypads. It is because if these and many other high-security features that Kwikset is so popular among homeowners across the country and among professional locksmiths.

 Why Choose Multi Locksmith?

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