Key Cutting

How the professionals in the business make keys

Locksmithing is a profession requires a lot of skill and competence. It is not just about key making and key cutting, today locksmiths are offering far more than the usual. They are modern and work with an assortment of tools specially designed for the trade.

Locksmiths can provide you a key replacement for your lost keys and or can do lock picking for a safe or your office vaults, a professional locksmith’s key making services are the answer to any lock and key trouble that comes your way.

Their expert key cutter and key programmer equipment uses specialized computer software and advanced tools to make keys on the spot or for specified orders. A lot of training and expertise goes into the service to make keys.

If you have lost your car keys or they are stolen you can always call a locksmith company for help. Locksmith will come and erase key code from ECU (engine control unit), and provide you with key replacement with a new combination.

This way you not only get a new key replacement but also have peace of mind that the person who has your stolen or lost key would not be able to steal your vehicle using that old key.
Multi locksmith provides reliable key replacement service in Oakland

Locksmith use advanced key cutting machines to cut keys. This task can easily be carried out even at the roadside. Computer software then makes sure that the new key make perfectly fits to the vehicle locks or not.

Once a new key make is done with key cutting, it is then coded with the vehicle door or ignition lock. If car has an immobilizer system then only a programmed key will let it open. Then this new car key is reprogrammed according to the ECU (engine control unit of the car).

There are various lock smith tools like key cutting machine, drills, saws, buffer, key gauges used to perform a task like key making and key replacement. Locksmith companies always take care that their technicians are well trained with new technology and upcoming challenges in the trade.

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