Master Rekeying System Importance

The purpose of having a master rekeying system is to make one lock work with two keys. Depending on your environment, you might only need a basic master rekeying system. Business owners may want to invest in a high quality master rekeying system, since they are constantly accessing doors all day long. Having a master key means that you don’t need to lug around a pocketful of keys, which could become very confusing at certain times. The true benefit of having a master key is that you can simply put it on a keychain, along with your vehicle keys, and use it to open all doors in a given environment.

Another benefit of having a master rekey is that you can purchase brand new locks for your home or business, without the headache of adding extra keys to your keychain. A master key enables you to quickly access locks without scrambling around to find the exact match key. You can’t imagine how useful this becomes when you have several shopping bags or important items to carry along.

Master Rekeying Keeps You Safe at Work

One major advantage in having a master rekeying system for businesses is that you oversee who enters and exits a workforce atmosphere. Previous employees might still have access to the place with an old existing key. A master rekeying system has a different set of pin tumbler lock mechanisms, making it virtually impossible for them to enter without permission. Many companies prefer using digital security systems to identify fingerprints or palm prints. Of course, it all depends on the size and structure of your workforce environment. A master rekeying system is ideal in a small to midsize business.

Store owners will definitely want to invest in a good quality master rekeying system, since they are nowhere near as costly as a high grade access control panel. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on security if you don’t run a large scale company. Access control panels will not suit a small business and will certainly cost you a great deal of money. All businesses should have a standard security system, a CCTV surveillance camera, high security locks and a master rekeying system.

Besides for being extremely convenient, a master rekeying system is also designed to keep you safe. Whether you’re at home or at the office, you need to be sure that you have total control of your security settings. Burglars will find it increasingly difficult to bypass good quality technology. If you’ve dropped your keys someplace, you only need to rekey the system, instead of purchasing a new one. Master rekeying systems are perfect for large office buildings, but can be tailor-made to fit any type of workforce environment. Master rekeying allows you to open several locks with one key, and limits the accessibility of those without it.

Residential Master Rekeying

Master rekeying prevents intruders from entering through an old lock mechanism if you ever lose your keys anywhere. Purchasing a brand new set of locks can be really expensive. It’s a wise suggestion to rekey the existing set of locks as a much cheaper and effective alternative. Landlords in apartment complexes will always have access to every apartment unit in the given complex. Landlord’s can access your home when you are at work or away, in case there is an emergency situation. Landlords can allow plumbers or other contractors access to your home during an emergency. This is where the importance of having a master rekey comes in handy, since several tenant apartments could be flooded. Make sure you have a good rapport with your landlord if you live in an apartment complex.

If you’re currently thinking about a master rekeying system, you’ll want to consult with a professional locksmith on the type of master rekeying system you need. Multi Locksmith certified experts have years of training in the industry, and can be reached 24/7. Whether you’re looking to install a master rekeying system in a commercial or residential environment, we can do it without any problems whatsoever. We offer very competitive pricing and guarantee safety results right away. You can never be too sure as to how many potential people have access to your home or office. Let us install a top quality master rekeying system in your workforce or home environment. Contact us today for complete pricing and further details.

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