Arrow Lock

There’s much more to being the leading locksmith in town than providing the quickest lock-picking services or even installing and repairing locks quickly. At Multi Locksmith we consider it our business to provide the best security service and advice possible. Often this includes helping our clients design a customized security plan for their home or business. Among the many elements that come into play, we consider high quality products to be a priority in establishing the perfect security system for you. One of the leading brands we work with is the Arrow brand for security systems.


Products from Arrow

When customizing any security system, there are of course layers that must be considered. For example, a business’ physical security shouldn’t just be a deadbolt, let alone a lock in the doorknob. Businesses need to have commercial grade deadbolts or high-grade security locks on the outside and then throughout the business to control access. Arrow is one of the brands we use continually to make sure these layers of security are met.

Arrow deadbolts are in a class of their own, surpassing the expectations and standards of industrial, commercial, and institutional use. This makes these deadbolts some of the best for business owners and homeowners who want excellent security. These deadbolts have features such as rotating steel collars, steel plugs, hidden screws, interchangeable cores, and more.

Once past the front door, many businesses consider keyless entry to be a pleasing feature for which Arrow provides multiple options. The keyless entry lock options from Arrow include touchscreen technology that has been seamlessly hybridized with your physical lock and even door handles. These are simple to install but provide highly effective access control for the interior of businesses with equipment and information to protect.

 Why Choose Us

When it comes to your security, you truly deserve the very best. We know that often that comes with a cost: expensive products, little customization, and even rushed or delayed services. On the other hand, when you choose to go with the cheaper options you get lower quality results as well. Here at Multi Locksmith we put our clients and their needs first. This has lead us to develop policies such as 24/7 availability and 30 minute response time, as well as our honest pricing policy. We choose to give you the best of both worlds: high quality service for the most affordable prices around. We hope that you’ll choose us so that we can bring you the very best in security.

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